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The PinPrick Mailing List.

If you enjoy PinPrick, we would very much like to send you details of our upcoming releases and related work.

We are, in general, suspicious of mailing lists - and the reason for our running one is to sell you more PinPrick product, of course - but we can assure you that your details will go no further than our databases and that we will not get involved with any of that 'third party marketing' bullshit.

As regards incentives, let there be no doubt that we look after people on the PinPrick mailing list. Whether it's a free one-off CD with your first purchase, a waived postage charge, or guest list places for PinPrick parties, you can be sure that joining is worth it.

To join, simply email and ask to subscribe to the list.


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The PinPrick Mailing List

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