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It's all hotting up now. It's SO DAMN HOT!!

Someone over at Black Tulips HQ has worked out how to make a forum.

Not only that, they've made a rather stunning website for public consumption.

Get over there now and have a good look. And email us if you want to preorder a Criminal Mastermind 7" or CD. This is going to be BIG!

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*He sells Sanctity*


Gays in 'historic event' shocker!

Ben Haggar at Stereo Sanctity has joined the clamour to notify the world of the genius of 'Fire To Feed' by The Gays.

"Eighties Matchbox nutty... [mmnn] real treat... [nngrrlm] irresistible floor-filling techno [mnymnym]". That was Enola Gay lapping up the praise.

Heh! Read the review in all its glory.

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*J8 exclusive on Gutterbreakz FM*


Original pirate materials.

J8 material litters the offices of PinPrick, occupying some weird limbo between dubstep, Vibert and Basic Channel.

Bristol blogster and DJ Gutterbreakz has J8's Boppity as an exclusive on his new Gutterbreakz FM mix. Go here to download and view the full tracklisting.

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*Play it Loud! (Gays are Proud)*


Our proverbial toilet flushes with success...

This morning we discovered a notice from that is so nice we thought we'd copy it ALL. Here it is!

New band brilliance ahoy, sailors...

04 May 2005

SO! This morning PlayLouder got a load of gubbins from a Hastings-based label called Pinprick Records, and it included a single by a band called The Gays, called 'Fire To Feed'. Up your BUM!

Why has there been no-one called The Gays before? 'Tis a brilliant moniker is it not? And 'Fire To Feed' is every bit as louche and rammed with well, gay abandon as you might expect.

'Fire To Feed' has guitars that sound like electroshock to the intimates, vocals that echo with rapscallion rock & roll suggestiveness before they bust into righteous yelping, like something very odd happening on a farm.

It's even more sordid on the B-side, a murmuring dungeon of an electro remix by a chap called Waster. According to Pinprick's helpful 'Information Sheet', The Gays 'Fire To Feed' is limited to but 200 numbered copies of 7" vinyl.

You can hear a sample of its wondrousness here, and get all the purchasing informations too.

It's even better than that band called Lick who had a song called 'Shirtlifter' - TALK!

Aaah. In honour of that we've set up a new page with full quotes from reliable critic and shop types to convince you of the genius of the 7".

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*Stories from the City16, stories from NZ*


We're all feeling so Gay!

The Waster electro remix 2 of Fire To Feed by The Gays has crashed into the leftfield chart at Shoreditch's finest disc emporium City16.

Surely it can only be a coincidence that you can now also buy the Fire To Feed 7" from at a rather reasonable price?

And we are goddamn delighted to report that The Gays have reached the other side of the world.

Thanks be to The Herb Whisperer and Fraserhead who host The Joint on Christchurch's RDU 98.5FM in New Zealand. Clearly they are tastemakers of the highest order.

Hey! RDU is the people's radio station but they need contributions to survive! Send them money! You got to be up for "an independent oasis of alternative music, views and voices in the vast wasteland of commercial radio" right?

For more info:




*Chicago jacks 2 The Gays*


The Fire spreads to Illinois...

Yum! DJ Qbot is spinning Fire To Feed in Chicago alongside LCD Soundsystem, Client, New Order and the Pet Shop Boys. Big up!

And check out her show Blue on Retroforward Radio - Sundays 8pm-12am.

For more info:




*Fire feeds Siren FM*


'Psychic Dancehall' fans flames!

The University of Lincoln's Siren radio station claims its rightful place as the first to spin The Gays' Fire To Feed.

The Psychic Dancehall show takes the blame, and apparently intends to continue playing The Gays unabated.

Hey! we love you guys!

Listen with us at Sirenonline between 8-10pm on Saturdays for the rest of term.

For more info:




*Radio 1 plays Gays*


Well all right!

Delighted to find out that Rob Da Bank played 'Fire To Feed' on his show last Thursday.

The tracklisting seems to indicate it was near the end of the programme and indeed it was, as you can hear if you go to his home page before 14 April and click 'listen again' (it's at about 1hr 48m in).

For more info:




*After the storm*


The calm reflection.

Oh the fun we had!

The Uterus Women rocked us, The Black Tulips moved us, The Teeth made us grin wide.

DJ set of the night to the impossibly groovin' Future Sound of Clapton - by gosh, rewind my selecta etc. Closely followed by an apparently rather drunken Casionova (we think) Cyberdance droid.

Didn't know robots could get pissed!

And the highlight of the night: the PinPrick Quarterly raffle, exciting extremes of desire amongst guests.

Most closely coveted were the PinPrick Pants autographed by all the night's performers.

Send your feedback or get more info:




*More party, heavier, boom!*


Oh my gosh: Champagne and Cookie!

We are exceptionally pleased to announce the addition of the wonderful Cookie as our compere for the PinPrick Quarterly on the evening of Friday 8 April.

And we can also exclusively and highly excitedly confirm a SPECIAL APPEARANCE by Trudi Styles the Transformation Tart!

With the DJ Bobby Champagne on standby we really do have (wipes tear from eye) PinPrick's dream lineup.

But it gets even better... thanks to the generosity of some of our bands we will be able to offer each and every of our partygoers the chance to win big in the PinPrick Quarterly raffle!

Prizegiving will occur after midnight and those who have their numbers called can expect PinPrick, Cyberdance and Uterus Women goodies... just for turning up.

Stunned silence.


For more info:




*Ah the plaudits...*


Some more of you beautiful people out there give us reaction to The Gays' Fire To Feed.

"Explosively stylish" Brighton uber-cool club It Came From The Sea caned the Waster remix of Fire To Feed before anyone else. View the evidence on their March playlist.

Ben Lost has quite hit the nail on the head by describing the 7" as "superbly ridiculous" in his April column on

The Fire To Feed 7" is even available in shops now.

If you don't want to buy it from us you can do as Ben did and buy it from de lovely Rough Trade. They say it "comes on in a lo-fi seventies Cramps kind of way."

Or der phantastiche Phonica, who have graced it with the faint praise "quite promising."

Or if you live in Brighton you can get it from the very sexy Johnny Rocks, Steve Chaos, Howard Michaels or (insert other staff name) at Rounder Records. We don't think they're online but here's an amusing interview with the owner.

For more info:






talk to PinPrick.

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Ah the plaudits

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