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The catalogue.

PinPrick will always be about DIY.

There are quite a few PinPrick items out there - the early days are all a bit fuzzy. We've included them in this Catalogue if we can remember enough about them.

We're going to get more efficient soon. No really.

If you want to know when new stuff will be out, we recommend you join the PinPrick Mailing List. We know it sounds like a drag but actually it's not bad.

Upcoming releases are planned from:

The Black Tulips (series of 6 limited 7"s)...
Foot (Telephone Music to make it to vinyl, finally - with mental Weenis remix)...
DWAD (very very very limited CD-R single)...
Mysterious Motherfucker (cracking late night weirdout business)...
Waster (MP3 bonus beats EP)...

And we'll be doing more online exclusives and no doubt other stuff.

If you find something else that isn't covered, remind us...

We you.

talk to PinPrick.

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PinPrick catalogue

Items in the catalogue (most recent first):

* PINP001g
The Gays:
Fire To Feed (7")
* PINP003
Breathe (12")
  * P3MP2
J8 Theme (MP3)
  * P1NCDsam
PinPrick PROMO sampler (CD-R EP)
  * P3MP0
Beat To Fuck (MP3)
The Gays:
Fire To Feed (CD-R single)
  * PIN000
PinPrick Folk Festival (CD-R album)
  * PORR986
Tandoori Bouncer:
Maiden Over (cassette)
PinPrick tracks

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